by Lanty Wylie 7/18/2021
Copyright 2021


Most information on Quantum deals with the behavior of entangled photons, particles, atoms, or whatever you call the product. I will show that a simple explanation will cover the mystery of entanglement, we start at the quantum mother, the originator.

I will use the photon name to identify the entangled product. In the beginning all our atomic structure is sitting happy and content bouncing around in its environment. Most are waiting for some strange electron to trade or add an electron, or maybe shove in an extra atom. Under the right energy we will give up, or gain an electron or two to stabilize our existence.

Along comes a blast of energy that knocks loose a pair of photons that become entangled. The two photons are entangled because they exchange data, or knowledge of states - one to the other, back and forth. This knowledge of states is proven by the fact, if you measure one of the entangled photons for any position of spin, the other entangled photon will be the exact opposite spin. The wave function and the particle function in these entangled photons are 180 degrees out of phase, or states, as they bounce from one photon to the other. The entangled photons appear to be not waves or particles, but both, because they are in an extreme state of oscillation. The excitement of entanglement keep bouncing between two states waves and particles; that is the oscillation we call entanglement.

Quantum oscillation is enabled by an analog to the quantum tunneling diode. In a quantum diode an electron does not pass through, it just appears on the other side. As the feedback starts to rise it encounters a linear positive resistance until a point is reached where the resistance goes negative. An amplifier to the feedback cycle in a Time Body. More on Time Body later.

The reason the entangled photons appear to be in two states at the same time is the fact they are oscillating, or exchanging position information,  between the two states. Photon “A” oscillates with Photon “B” which oscillates with itself to maintain its energy balance. As the wave energy of one gets a bit weaker its particle energy gets stronger and attracts its entangled mate to swap some of its wave/particle energy. Back and forth between the entangled photons wave energy and particle energy is constantly swapped, at the speed of light, or more, trying to stabilize its energy. The quantum feed-back loop is just a bit faster than the speed of light. This is proven as the entangled photons enter a time body and a pre-destination of results. More on this later.

This oscillation of entangled photons is like the fog of a very unstable state of energy.

When any observation or measurement is made of the two entangled oscillating photons, it is enough to stop the oscillation feed-back then we have a decision. Any observation, no matter how subtle drains and/or changes the feed-back energy. When we stop, or modify the feed-back from one photon to the other, the oscillation stops, presenting a spin result. Which photon is up spin and which photon is down spin? Before the photons fall out of entanglement they present a result as BOTH. They are not really in the BOTH presentation, but oscillating so ULTRA fast at the atomic level, and in another Time Body that, so far, one cannot explore each individual oscillation peak or valley. That is the reason an observation stops the process. The oscillation feed-back is stopped either on the wave feed-back instant or the particle feed-back instant, then the photons fall out of entanglement.

John Bell conducted an experiment to show that the resulting product of a pair of quantum entanglement was known before the observation to stop the process. This is called predestination. This proves, in my mind, the time body theory.

(More on Time Body later down.)
(You might read Nicole Tessa’s work on oscillation. In brief: To have oscillation you must have, feedback to the source of a proper frequency, amplitude and power to add each wave function.)
(Tesla proposed a universal transmission of power, electrical energy. This elusive proposal, I believe was based on quantum physics.)

Let’s back up for a refresher on oscillation of power systems. You commercial electrical power is delivered at 60 Hertz, or cycles per second. We all accept the fact that this is not magic or a mystery of any sort. We look at our electrical feed lines, but see no power therein, but it is there non-the-less.
Quantum is presented as oscillations of a very small order. Quantum slips through the mass/gravity/time function due to its small atomic size and oscillation speed. Remember what happens when things speed up, time slows down. Time stops when two photons are entangled (oscillating) in what David Thomas calls a “Time Body.” That Time Body is the reason you have spooky action at a distance. When a quantum wave tries to pass through a resistance, part of the wave tunnels under the resistance a bit faster than the original wave. Time is actually shifted. Then the phase difference between the original wave and the tunneled wave is out of phase (a bit) with each other. This tunneled wave is the secret to quantum entanglement feedback. The time is advanced so feedback to each of the entangled photons is enabled. So, with the Thomas time body, the entangled photons are always next to each other in time.
I think the Thomas time body is based on scientific theory that quantum time is not real. With that assumption everything falls into place.

This spooky action at a distance never really happens, however. The action between the two photons can happen because they are never far apart as they are frozen the same time frame. In other words they are always next door to each other. Time is folded. You just have to get over what you think you know about time and position.

When an observation is made of the quantum photons they fall out of entanglement and assume a position that is locked in, what we consider, our reality.
An observation/measurement of an entangled photon drains, ever so slightly, feed-back energy necessary to maintain oscillation or uncertainty. The entangled are no longer in communication with each other and they assume a static position. (Any measurement stops the oscillation feedback.)

I think the next progress in this endeavor is to explore how the entangled photons slip out of our reality into a time loop, or time body. The possibility of using a time loop is enormous. Time would never be the same.

Note: I have tried to pull quantum data from all the sources available to reach a conclusion.
The conclusions are mine, the data is collected.


Lanty Wylie
Hideaway, Texas